The Lactation service can help if:

  • you require additional breastfeeding support and reassurance
  • baby is not attaching to the breast
  • you have sore or damaged nipples
  • you have blocked ducts and/or mastitis
  • baby is crying excessively
  • there are concerns about milk supply
  • there are concerns about your baby’s growth
  • feeding twins/multiples
  • expressing and storing breast milk
  • breastfeeding a baby who has other challenges; such as prematurity

Our care at the Harris Regional Hospital Women’s Center does not stop when you take your baby home. Research suggests that most mothers are in need of some breastfeeding support following hospital discharge.

Our Lactation Services can help you with breastfeeding
throughout your breastfeeding experience.

When should I access the Lactation Services?

  • During your pregnancy if you, your midwife or your doctor feel you could benefit from a consultation with a Lactation Consultant
  • In the hospital as you begin your breastfeeding experience
  • If you are leaving the hospital and you are experiencing some difficulties with breastfeeding, ask your doctor, midwife or nurse to arrange an appointment for you.
  • Once home, if you need breastfeeding support or you are experiencing difficulty.

Your family/post natal support is welcome and encouraged to be present during your visit. However, if you are bringing other children it is recommended that you have an adult with you to care for them.

To make an appointment with the Harris Regional Hospital Lactation Services call

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Meet Your Lactation Consultants:

Angela Parker:
Angela ‘Angie’ Parker received her BSN from Western Carolina University and has worked in the mother and baby department   at Harris Regional Hospital since 2001. Angie is one of Harris Regional Hospital’s International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC).

“I love the miracle of birth, and the opportunity to watch families grow and evolve. Being a lactation consultant is near and dear to my heart because I cherish the opportunity I have to work one on one with moms who may be struggling with breastfeeding like I did when I had my children. Through my personal experience, education and passion I am able to provide multiple opportunities to help them reach their breastfeeding goals.”


Jennifer Worley:

Jennifer Worley received her BS in Food Science from North Carolina State University, her BS in Secondary Science Education from Western Carolina University. Jennifer is one of Harris Regional Hospital’s International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLC).

Jennifer is the proud mother of four children.

“My passion for helping other women be successful in breastfeeding, stems from being both successful and unsuccessful at breastfeeding my own children. Looking back, I realized that my success was a product of having support throughout my entire breastfeeding time. Having someone to talk to and ask questions made me more successful and feel empowered to meet and exceed my breastfeeding goals. I have enjoyed pairing my teaching background and my lactation education to help new moms exceed their breastfeeding goals.”